Custom Frames


Full Custom

Want a special BB with you next frame? No problem.  

Do you have a special need for increased bottom bracket or head tube stiffness, no problem. Kevlar weaves? Want to have a top tube length to a tenth of a millimeter? Mechanical? Electrical? Both? Certainly. Our frames are always cut and created to match the needs of their rider. Sarto means tailor...a rather novel approach in today's market.

What does this allow us to do?  Anything your heart desires.  From custom geometries as unique as you are, to one-off changes like seatpost diameters and head tube sizes.

We are always pleased by our ability to offer services the rest of the industry cannot. The truth is, most companies are too big, too risk averse, and too cheap to sell anything but their stock models. We offer a wide variety of add-ons and variations to our line of frames, from adjustments to geometry and fit, to bottom bracket type, integrated seat masts, dropouts, internal routing and anything else you might need.